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  • Spotlight On Essential Oils: Grapefruit Oil
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Does Flour Belong In Your Food Storage?~AreWeCrazyOrWhat.net

Does Flour Belong In Your Food Storage?

Does Flour Belong In Your Food Storage? The short answer is maybe but probably not. I’m really not that fickle, I can give you a straight answer most of the time. However, like some things in life wheat flour is a little complicated, at least it has become that way in recent years. So let […]

18 Homeschool Blogs You Should Be Following~AreWeCrazyOrWhat.net

18 Homeschool Blogs You Should Be Following

With back to school in full swing and tons of articles flying around about back to school lunches, routines and parties (yup, there is such a thing), I’m getting into the back to school spirit. It used to be my favorite time of year, but these days it’s bittersweet because my kids are getting older […]

Emergency Water Container: The WaterBob~AreWeCrazyOrWhat.net

Emergency Water Container: The WaterBob

We’ve written several articles on water storage. Listen to the basics of water storage here, read about water storage in a suburban setting here, and read about the WaterBrick here. So needless to say water storage is on our radar and an important part of our preps. Last week we came across the waterBob, a […]

Getting Started With Dutch Oven Cooking~AreWeCrazyOrWhat.net

Getting Started With Dutch Oven Cooking

This is my last guest post in a series on cast iron cookware I did for Common Sense Homesteading. Talk about a dream job! I got to write for one of my favorite blogs and Laurie was great to work with! She is so knowledgeable about homesteading and about blogging. I’m so grateful for the […]