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HERC Oven Review~AreWeCrazyOrWhat.net

HERC Oven Review Plus A HERCulean Giveaway

When you think about off-grid cooking (i.e. cooking without electricity or your house’s gas line), most people think about either a stove hooked up to a gas bottle (like propane), or cooking over an open flame. Maybe you’ve even got a Sun Oven and don’t need a fuel source. With the first two methods you might […]

Spotlight On Essential Oils: Frankincense Oil~AreWeCrazyOrWhat.net

Spotlight On Essential Oils: Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil is probably one of the most mysterious essential oils. It hasn’t always been. Frankincense has been around since 7,000 BC so our ancestors understood all of its benefits; however in recent years it’s fallen out of favor because of new fragrances, new drugs, and new ways of doing things. Also, the price might […]

Start A Fire Anytime/Anyplace With A DIY Altoids Fire Starter Kit~AreWeCrazyOrWhat.net

Start A Fire Anytime/Anyplace With A DIY Altoids Fire Starter Kit

I’ve always had a fondness for small boxes – not plain old cardboard shipping boxes, but sturdy things like wooden cigar boxes, hollowed out books, those little cedar boxes you used to buy at roadside stops, old Band-Aid boxes back when they were still metal, etc. I remember being 8 or 9 and making a […]

DIY Spice Mixes And Herb Tips~AreWeCrazyOrWhat.net

DIY Spice Mixes And Herb Tips

Making your own spice mixes is a super easy way to save money and also a great way to educate yourself as to what spices go into what kinds of dishes. This knowledge will help you know which spices to place in your food storage and how much of each to purchase for long term storage. […]

Should Preppers Have Pets?~AreWeCrazyOrWhat.net

Should Preppers Have Pets?

It’s a valid question, right? Should we preppers even take on the burden of caring for an animal who will not produce food for us in a desperate situation? I mean we already have to care for people who might not be able to “pull their weight,” like our kids and the elderly. Is owning […]