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Dutch Oven Pumpkin Pie~AreWeCrazyOrWhat.net

Dutch Oven Pumpkin Pie

Usually with an ingredient like pumpkin I would start this post with something like… “Fall is in the air and with the cool air comes the smell of apples, and my very favorite squash, pumpkin, cooking. ┬áSo what better time to use your dutch oven?” But really, I use my dutch oven all year round, […]

How To Make Apple Juice With A Steam Juicer~AreWeCrazyOrWhat.net

How To Make Apple Juice With A Steam Juicer

Have you looked at a juice label recently? Even if you get “100% juice” or “All Natural”, you’ll probably find ascorbic acid,┬ápotassium benzoate (or other preservatives), and who knows what else. Some even add “natural flavors” (which can legally contain MSG)–why would natural fruit juice need to add extra flavor? To make your own juice, […]

How To Make A Soothing Salve~AreWeCrazyOrWhat.net

How To Make A Soothing Salve–6 Different Healing Recipes

I have been experimenting with recipes to help dry skin for awhile now. I tend to have dry, rather than oily skin and my hands crack in the winter from dry heat. What I’ve come up with are 6 different recipes to help sooth and heal skin. These recipes can help sooth dry skin, sunburn, […]

Bean Soup And Corn Bread In The HERC Oven~AreWeCrazyOrWhat.net

Bean Soup And Corn Bread In The HERC Oven

Bean soup is a staple in our home. It’s one meal everyone in our family likes and looks forward to eating every time I make it. 16 bean soup also lends itself well to food storage. So I thought I would try cooking it in the HERC XXL tealight oven. The only caution is that […]

5 More Simple Auto Maintenance Jobs You Should Be Doing Yourself (Part 2)~AreWeCrazyOrWhat.net

5 More Simple Auto Maintenance Jobs You Should Be Doing Yourself (Part 2)

In last week’s post we talked about 6 easy auto┬ámaintenance steps that anyone can do; if you’re doing these yourself then you’re already saving a few hundred dollars per year. This week we’ve got 5 more DIY procedures – they’re a bit more complicated, and might require a few tools that you don’t already own, […]